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56 - How you can use a low price for massive success in your membership - Laurel Portie

Ever thought about a membership? Maybe somebody has said you have to do a higher priced or higher ticket membership?   Laurel Portie is here to explain how she used a lower priced membership to grow her business and her life & have a great life built around her business.   If you have been thinking about memberships and want a really good example of how using a lower priced membership can explode your business growth.    We cover:    Why you cap your membership numbers & why you chose to do the lower priced membership model?   How your background in TV advertising gives you the upper hand for marketing?   How to make content people actually want?   How using a small $ you can get people to consume your content?   Why did you create the lower priced members?   People buy other higher ticket items and then use your content after this?   What do you have inside your lower priced membership?  How can somebody replicate this method?    Laurel Portie gave so much information & value on ads, how to use a membership to grow your brand and give massive value to your clients.

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