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2021.W9.E2 Bonus: Interview with Abi Palmer (rebroadcast)

Note: this interview is a repeat, having been recorded and interviewed last year. Full show notes at  === Abi Palmer is a mixed-media artist and writer. Her work often includes themes of disability, gender and multisensory interaction. Her artworks include: Crip Casino, an interactive gambling arcade parodying the wellness industry and institutionalised spaces, displayed at the Tate Modern and Somerset House; and Alchemy, a multisensory poetry game, which won a Saboteur Award in 2016. She has written for BBC Radio, The Guardian and Poetry London. She recently published her first book, Sanatorium, through Penned in the Margins. Abi is also my sister, and we frequently collaborate on creative projects together. In this *very* rambling conversation, Abi and I discuss myriad topics, including: - Abi's book Sanatorium (out now from Penned in the Margins) - Physical movement (and embodiment) and thought processes - Constraints in creativity - Failure and experimentation - Underpowered vehicles as a metaphor for our creative relationship - Bath-tubs - Numerous artworks we've worked on, including Crip Casino, Nybble, Ant Ballet, etc. - Social media and filmic influences on framing the real world Links - Sanatorium - Abi's website --- Send in a voice message:

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