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The Wooing of Étain (Part 2): How Aengus Took Newgrange

Aengus believes he is the son of Midir, his foster father, but gets a rude awakening when a jealous Fir Bolg youth tells him otherwise. On finding out his father is actually The Dagda, the King in the Sidhe, he sets out to meet him and claim a Sidhe of his own. There's one slight problem though; Someone already occupies the mound The Dagda had in mind for his son. That someone is the husband of Aengus's mother, the one The Dagda had already duped when he had an affair with Boann.  A cautionary tale on why you should read the fine print of any contract.  credits Written, presented and produced  by Marcas Ó hUiscín and Stephanie Ní Thiarnaigh. Music - Celtic Warrior by Damiano Baldoni (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 public licence All sounds cc licence from --- Send in a voice message:

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