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Dawning of the Dé (Part 2): Maids of Mayhem

When Chief Eochaid Mac Eirc of the Fir Bolg ignores Sreng's advice to compromise with the Tuath Dé, Chief Nuada calls on three powerful goddesses with a passion for pandemonium to give them some supernatural encouragement.  Meet the Morrigan in her threefold form - Badbh, Macha, and Nemhain.  Find out about her role in Irish Mythology and her relationship to other female divinities in other mythologies.  Full show notes at Presented by Marcas Ó hUiscín and Stephanie Ní Thiarnaigh. Written and produced by by Marcas Ó hUiscín. Support our work: Music - Celtic Warrior by Damiano Baldoni (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 public licence All sounds cc or attribution licence. Sounds on attribution licence from - Miguetelo SINISTER ATMOSPHERE Joedeshon ADULTS GATHERING FOR A MEETING Juan FG - Never without my denture Melisapons - Wooshes Liezen3 -  Choir Women Men and Mixed Setuniman - Cinematic Moments + cinematic intros Luis_audp -  Celtic Tin Whistle in D Beast_Toil - Slow Mellow Suspense (They're Going to Get You!) Piano Farm - Cows Attacking Red Tail Hawk Yap_Audio_Production - Medieval Combat Innominatus - Booms of Innominatus GregorQuendel - Cinematic Percussion Trailer + Cinematic Chanting / Throat Singing Percussion Trailer Jobro - Cinematic stings Vedas - frantic searching Robinhood76 - CROWD & MASSIVE EVENTS sound shots (Licence  --- Send in a voice message:

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