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Has Anyone Heard of The Left Right Game? | Episode 1

In July of last year, journalism student Alice Sharman left her UK home for a job in America. A few months later she vanished completely. Following a traumatic accident, an old school friend receives the last recordings Alice made and comes to an unsettling conclusion; that Alice Sharman may have documented her own disappearance.   The Left Right Game is presented by Sonos. Visit for more.   Produced by Tessa Thompson, Automatik & QCODE.   ~~   From QCODE, makers of fantastic audio fiction. Visit to learn more. And, check out some of our other shows including: Borrasca with Cole Sprouse, Blackout with Rami Malek, and Soft Voice with Naomi Scott.   Listen to this episode uninterrupted (without ads in the middle) with QCODE+ on Apple Podcasts. QCODE+ subscribers also enjoy special bonus episodes which include conversations with the creators of the show. For more information visit QCODE+   Follow us: On Instagram @QCODEMedia On Twitter @QCODEMedia

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