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Up The Arts: Stuck Indoors - Chris Barlow on enjoying art whilst stuck indoors via Outings in Art

Today, Tom's been chatting to Chris Barlow about exploring art whilst stuck indoors. Outings in Art was founded by Chris Barlow and his partner Michael Chan in 2012, and offers a free monthly programme of arts-based events.Their aim is to bring together members of our LGBTQ+ community and allies to share in the rich cultural life of London, and in so doing help to reduce social isolation and loneliness - especially important at the moment!Find out more at: http://outingsinart.org.uk/aboutus.htmlWelcome to Up The Arts: Stuck Indoors, a currently somewhat more than weekly podcast for those proud to be be involved in theatre, music, art and literature in the LGBTQ+ world! Every Thursday (and currently sometimes Friday and Monday whilst we're stuck indoors) we meet incredible people from the arts world and explore their creativity and inspiration, as well as providing a peek at upcoming events in which pride and the arts world collide!Find us on Twitter: @uptheartsshowAnd check out our website for news, reviews, what's on and more: www.uptheartspodcast.com

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