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#14 – BodyBreak with Erin Haley

Comedian Erin Haley (Black Sheep Comedy) introduces us to the most popular series of Health and Fitness informative segments in canadian television: BodyBreak! Created and hosted by Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, the program started in 1988, ran for over three hundred 90 seconds capsules throughout the nineties, and is now considered a cult classic by canadian millenials everywhere.   Visit Hal and Joanne on their Youtube channel to watch the classic segments and behind-the-scenes videos about them: youtube.com/user/BodyBreak1988.   For more Erin Haley, follow her on Twitter: @WestCoastErin.    NSFW (Mild Swearing).   Music by The Castagne's : http://www.thecastagnes.ca.   What Did I Miss? is a podcast where guests introduce TV shows and movies from their childhood to a host who has never seen them before.   French Canadian expat MJ Bourque asks her guests to introduce her to the movies and TV shows of their childhood so she can catch up on the cultural references she missed out on growing up in another language.   Every episode we recap the plot of the film/TV show in question, dive into some pieces of trivia, and learn a bit more about the guests themselves.   Follow What Did I Miss? on social media for news and pictures of what is referenced in the episode: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter    Although unrelated to the content of the podcast, we would like to use whatever platform we have to remind people that Elijah's McClain's killers have still not been arrested.  ***Justice for Elijah McClain, sign petition here: http://chng.it/L8SkfRDrMw ***

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