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Thriving In New Home Sales

Stephanie Lindamood



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Curated For You! Career Tips, Mindset Hacks, Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential, and Setting Goals To The Now - Season One Roundup!

In this episode, we're rounding up some of the top episodes from Season One and sharing some of the goods from each episode!  Featured in this episode is New Home VP of Sales Chris Hartley on How to Create A Customer Experience That Buyers Want In Today’s Market Plus How To Have a Winning Mindset & Accomplish Your Goals, Meditation and Performance Coach Mark Guay shares How To Unlock Your Unlimited Potential And Lead A Life With Greater Purpose, Energy, And Connection, New Home VP of Sales Taylor Humphrey discusses How To Be Intentional In Your Career & The Importance Of Mentors, and Real Estate Expert and New York Times Best Selling Author Jay Papasan discusses How Billionaires Set Goals. If you haven't had a chance to listen to the full episode make sure to go back to Season one and binge listen!

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