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Understanding Personality Types To Effectively Communicate And Increase Your Sales With Mar'Sue Haffner

 In this episode, I'm chatting with National Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker, and Author Mar'Sue Haffner about understanding personality types so you can communicate more effectively and increase your sales!  We dig into the study of personality and discuss how it can affect every area of our lives including how it helps us to understand our spouse and kids, helps us at work with our co-workers, and most importantly with our customers.  As we discuss in this episode, most of us don’t realize it, but we usually sell people that are like us in personality traits. We like them, they like us, and connecting is easy. When we learn to sell those people that are not as much like us then we have an opportunity to sell to so many more people.  So much of someone’s personality traits can be seen in their dress, handshake, choice of words, and little nuances of their behavior that we're going to uncover in this episode! Mar’Sue Haffner is a captivating Keynote, a national Sales Trainer, an experienced speaker, and the author of “Rise, Shine&Sell”, A Blueprint to New home Sales Success. Mar’Sue also offers a unique global perspective gained from her travels around the world. Mar’Sue Haffner and her business partner, Ralph Williams, own Sales Solve Everything, a sales training company based out of Dallas, Texas.  They teach over 25 different seminars, all individually customized for each client. Their Online Sales BitesTM were awarded “The Best Business Solution” for the new home sales industry this year.  Her favorite seminars to present are those which have the greatest impact on sales results including: Stop Being Out Negotiated; Psychometric Selling; Sensitivity and the Multi-Cultural Buyer; The Power of Personality. If you are new to sales, a 20-year sales veteran experiencing burn out, a frustrated manager looking for a fresh perspective to jump-start an under-performing community, or an executive needing help building, and/or managing a sales team, Mar’Sue has the experience and skill to help on every level.  She believes there is a solution for every problem and Sales truly do Solve Everything. Guest/Episode Social Links: Phone: 972-989-2737 Email: Linkedin: Instagram:

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