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Manifesting The Life Your Desire With Kristen Jenna

Episode #27. Today we are chatting with Kristen Jenna, a manifestation expert who helps people release blocks around self worth & money, and apply manifestation to create their lives by design. She hit rock bottom 2 years ago, and dedicated her life to following her intuition & doing whatever it took to manifest the life she knew she was truly worthy of. When all of her manifestations showed up in a matter of months, she decided to dedicate her life to teaching others to do the same: to step into their power, and manifest the blissful, abundant lives we are all more than worthy of. Now she has helped hundreds of people learn to manifest in their own lives, & continues to transform lives through her online manifestation academy. Social Media Links:  Connect on Instagram: @pursuitofbliss_ Free manifestation training: Join the free fb community: Download your free manifestation checklist here: Apply for her academy: Links/Resources Mentioned: Connect with Stephanie on IGStephanie's Real Estate Youtube ChannelJoin the Facebook Insider's GroupShownotes

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