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How to Use YouTube To Grow Your Personal Brand & Business With Erika Vieira

Episode #23. In this episode we are discussing how to build your personal brand and grow your influence on YouTube with YouTube expert Erika Vieira! Erika Vieira is a personal branding strategist for YouTube creators and entrepreneurs is the host of The YouTube Power Hour podcast  and creator of The Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp. The YouTube Power Hour Podcast has consistently been one of iTunes top marketing podcasts and Erika has been a featured speaker at Podcast Movement sharing her knowledge and expertise running a successful podcast. Erika has also been interviewed and featured on several popular podcasts such as The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon, The Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore, The Angie Lee Show and dozens more. Since starting her YouTube coaching business in 2018, Erika has helped over 300 women on their YouTube journey and built a multiple six figure income without the use of ads in 18 months all while raising her two young daughters 2 and 4 years old. Alumni from Erika's Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp have gone on to reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers, tens of millions of video views and become well-known influencers in their space.  Erika lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband of 10 years and two young daughters. Some of the questions/topics discussed on the show: -How to use YouTube to build the "know, like, and trust factor" quickly with potential clients to grow your business -Is it too late to start a channel on YouTube -Why YouTube compared to other platforms -What type of content to create for YouTube -Should you have multiple YouTube channels -How do titles and thumbnails affect your success on YouTube Links/Resources Mentioned: Get Erika's Free E-Book Creating YouTube Content during Covid-19 Pandemic plus 75+ Video Ideas to help grow your channel Connect with Erika on IGErika's WebsiteConnect with Stephanie on IGJoin the Facebook Insider's GroupShownotes

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