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What's a Personal Brand and Why Is It Important?

20. Today we are chatting all about personal branding!  I get super passionate when I get to talk about personal branding and social media because there is so much opportunity out there in the online world that allows you to build an audience and showcase your expertise, your personality, and really build that "know, like, and trust" factor that we all hear about! We all have a personal brand whether we are being intentional about building it or not and we're going to discuss some easy ways to start thinking about how you can elevate yourself and be seen as an authority in your industry so that you are top of mind for your clients, grow your network, and showcase your skills and experience. Some of the questions/topics discussed on the show: -Understanding what a personal brand is -Discussing why a personal brand is important to grow -Tips to begin building content for your audience Links/Resources Mentioned: Brand Style QuizGiveawayConnect with Stephanie on IGJoin the Facebook Insider's GroupShownotes

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