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How to Create A Customer Experience That Buyers Want In Today’s Market Plus How To Have a Winning Mindset & Accomplish Your Goals with VP of Sales Chris Hartley

3. In this episode we’re joined by Chris Hartley VP of Sales for Trendmaker Homes.  Today we’re going to discuss how to create a customer experience designed around today’s buyer’s wants and needs and how Trendmaker Homes is accomplishing this and setting themselves apart from the competition.   Chris takes us behind the scenes and shares how they are thinking outside the traditional home builder world to delight their customers!  We also dig into mindset and goal setting and Chris shares some of his tips for success!  Make sure to around to the end of the episode where I’m going to give you some details of a giveaway I’m running so stay tuned!     Real quick, if you haven’t already subscribed to the show, pause this episode and hit the subscribe button on your device so you have access to all the episodes!  I do post bonus episodes and the only way you are notified is if you are subscribed to the show! Resources/Links: ShownotesGiveaway DetailsGlam Life Of Real Estate Insider's Facebook Group

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