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Episode 236: Lori Michele Leavitt

Join us on Be Brave at Work as we speak with Lori Michele Leavitt. Lori, “The Pivot Catalyst”, has coached, consulted, and trained hundreds of leaders around the world to achieve their objectives and generate extraordinary momentum. She speaks globally on catalyzing momentum, leading, pivoting, and workplace culture change. She also leads the 10x!® business and leadership private peer advisory groups. She is founder and president of Abrige Corp., which offers the Aligned Momentum (A.M.)® program and software to help managers lead. A.M. transforms performance management into performance momentum. When she's not writing in one of her favorite get‐away locations conducive to deep thought and creativity, she's supporting orchestration of Pivots, decision‐making, and judgment calls for business leaders and their teams around the world. Her favorite role is as Emily’s Mom. Lori's books are part of the "Orchestrating Extraordinary Momentum” (The Pivot) Series. Lori and her books guide leaders in generating a ripple of positive influence throughout their organizations, to strengthen alignment and catalyze momentum. Links of Interest LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Website A special thank you to our sponsor, Cabot Risk Strategies. For more information, please visit them at Please click the button to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you! More information about Ed, visit © 2022 Ed Evarts Sponsored By: Cabot Risk Strategies: Be Brave at Work is Sponsored by Cabot Risk Strategies.

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