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Episode 233: Michael Pirson

Join us on Be Brave at Work as we speak with Dr. Michael Pirson. Michael has the Felix E. Larkin Professorship in Management at Fordham University, with a focus on Global Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship, and is a research fellow at Harvard University. He co-founded the Humanistic Management Network and is founder and president of the International Humanistic Management Association. He is the editor of the Journal of Humanistic Management. Pirson is a full member of the Club of Rome, an international think tank which acts as “a global catalyst for change.” He has won numerous awards for his work including from the Academy of Management. He serves on the board of five social enterprises. Links of Interest LinkedIn International Humanistic Management Association Website Humanistic Management: Protecting Dignity and Promoting Well-Being A special thank you to our sponsor, Cabot Risk Strategies. For more information, please visit them at Please click the button to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you! More information about Ed, visit © 2022 Ed Evarts Sponsored By: Cabot Risk Strategies: Be Brave at Work is Sponsored by Cabot Risk Strategies.

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