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Episode 186: Jonathan Salmond

Join us on Be Brave at Work for our conversation with Jonathan Salmond. Jonathan offers two decades of extraordinary success in a series of high level roles as an Inspirational Speaker and as a Fire Captain. Jonathan’s invaluable expertise and broad business range have powered a history of developing successful process improvements that drive productivity, reliability, and client satisfaction. Such traits have consistently enabled Jonathan to achieve an impressive command of the skills needed to manage ongoing business planning processes while developing strategies to meet future challenges. Upon beginning his career as an Inspirational Speaker, Jonathan has the innate ability to inspire people to do their best with their most valuable asset, action. Mr. Salmond has dedicated himself and his vision as a leader who engages in projects with an “All-In” attitude. Jonathan is able to help other people out due to his adeptness in Leadership, Team Building, Teamwork, Customer Service and Overcoming Adversity. Combining his proven instinct with an unprecedented disciplinary work ethic, Jonathan has continuously exceeded expectations in high stake environments as an Inspirational Speaker and as a Fire Captain positioning himself as a key member of each company and a driving force for growth. Links of Interest LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram A special thank you to our sponsor, Cabot Risk Strategies. For more information, please visit them at Please click the button to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you! More information about Ed, visit © 2022 Ed Evarts

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