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Meet the New OpenAI Challenger & GenZ Investors LOVE Crypto

Episode 349: Neal and Toby discuss ex-OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever starting his own AI company that will prioritize safety vs. profits. Should OpenAI be concerned about a rivalry? Then, climate activists just painted Stonehenge with orange paint in the latest episode of defacing historical landmarks across Europe. Next, US car dealerships are scrambling as a widely used software for transactions has been hacked, not once, but twice. Meanwhile, GenZers and millennials who have money to spend are investing alternative assets vs. traditional assets. Also, Amazon is ditching its plastic air pillows in boxes and replacing them with loads of recyclable paper. Lastly, a harrowing escape from war-torn Ukraine featuring 2 beluga whales traveling by…car? Download the Yahoo Finance App (on the Play and App store) for real-time alerts on news and insights tailored to your portfolio and stock watchlists. 00:00 - Olive Garden staying strong 2:30 - New AI sheriff in town? 7:20 - Climate activists paint Stonehenge 10:20 - Car dealerships hacked 14:10 - GenZ investors skip traditional assets 18:10 - Amazon replaces plastic pillows with paper 21:10 - Beluga whale rescue Get your Morning Brew Daily Mug HERE: Listen to Morning Brew Daily Here: Watch Morning Brew Daily Here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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