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$100M Fraud Case Over ADHD Meds & The Pope Gives Warning on... AI

Episode 345: Neal and Toby recap a huge fraud case where a startup is alleged to use targeted ads to over-prescribe Adderall to millions of patients for profit. Then, Pope Francis is the first to address the G7 summit and his #1 concern is AI, and why leaders need to remain diligent about keeping actual humans at the center. Next, CEO pay got a nice bump last year with a new study showing how the rich got really richer. Also, ‘Inside Out 2’ scores at the box office and a rare stamp is sold for over $4M. Meanwhile, HBO flexes their marketing power by placing a dragon on top of the Empire State Building. A fake dragon, of course. Lastly, the biggest news coming up this week. Download the Yahoo Finance App (on the Play and App store) for real-time alerts on news and insights tailored to your portfolio and stock watchlists. 00:00 - So cruel to spaghetti 2:45 - ADHD company caught for fraud 6:30 - Drippy Pope speaks on AI 10:15 - CEOs get a pay bump 14:20 - Weekend winners: Inside Out 2 & Stamps 19:30 - Dragon on the Empire 22:40 - Week ahead Get your Morning Brew Daily Mug HERE: Listen to Morning Brew Daily Here: Watch Morning Brew Daily Here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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