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How Billionaires and Ford Saved Detroit & Texas Stock Exchange Coming for the NYSE?

Episode 338: Neal and Toby chat about Detroit’s reopening of the iconic Michigan Central Station that once symbolized its struggling economy but now represents new life into the city. Then, Texas gets back from prominent investors to run its own stock exchange to challenge the New York Stock Exchange. Next, Boeing successfully launches its first crewed spacecraft into the skies. Third time’s a charm! Plus, Neal shares his favorite numbers on a cow in Brazil, NY public restrooms, and the famed Costco hot-dog-soda combo. Meanwhile, Zoom’s CEO hates meetings so much that he wants to build an AI clone that is willing to sit through those boring all-hands for you. Lastly, Reddit resurfaces a 1995 issue of GQ magazine where they list the most overrated pop culture things in the 90s. Unfortunately, it did not age well. Download the Yahoo Finance App (on the Play and App store) for real-time alerts on news and insights tailored to your portfolio and stock watchlists. 00:00 - D-Day Anniversary 2:40 - Motor City making moves 8:00 - Boeing sends Starliner with humans in space 11:20 - Texas Stock Exchange goes after NY 14:30 - Neal’s Numbers: cow, toilets, Costco 21:00 - AI clones in meetings? 24:15 - What’s still overrated from 1995? Get your Morning Brew Daily Mug HERE: Listen to Morning Brew Daily Here: Watch Morning Brew Daily Here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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