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American 'Vibescession' Lingers & Nvidia Sales Triple in AI Boom

Episode 329: Neal and Toby discuss the latest poll that shows a majority of Americans believing the economy is worsening despite data showing the contrary. Then, Nvidia shows a strong earnings report that says AI is still riding high. Next, a scary turbulent Singapore Air flight reveals the most bumpy flights in the world and why it could get worse. Plus, Neal shares his favorite numbers of Graceland, California homes, and a feather. Lastly, Vivek Ramaswamy buys stake in Buzzfeed hoping to give it a revamp.  Visit for more! 00:00 - Prepare of Memorial Day travels 3:00 - Americans think economy is bad 7:20 - Nvidia crushes earnings 10:50 - Turbulent skies 14:00 - Neal’s Numbers 21:00 - Politicians buy stock Get your Morning Brew Daily Mug HERE: Listen to Morning Brew Daily Here: Watch Morning Brew Daily Here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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