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OpenAI’s Safety Team Reaches Breaking Point & UAW Takes Big Blow in the South

Episode 326: Neal and Toby discuss the internal shakeup (again) at OpenAI. This time, the team wanting long-term AI safety said, “We out.” Then, the UAW’s campaign to unionize the South hits a roadblock with Mercedes-Benz in Alabama voting against unionizing. Plus, Minnesota reaches a minimum driver pay with Uber and Lyft. Also, Manchester City and Blue Origin are this past weekend’s winners. Meanwhile, the popularity of THC-infused drinks is starting a turf war between the cannabis and alcohol industries. Next, sunscreens in the US are far behind the rest of the world…what’s up? Lastly, what you need to know this week before you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.  Visit for more! 00:00 - Intro  02:20 - OpenAI Safety  06:30 - UAW loses vote 09:30 - Rideshare in Minneapolis  11:00 - Winners of the weekend  15:00 - Sunscreen in the US 18:00 - THC Drinks 21:25 - Week Ahead Get your Morning Brew Daily Mug HERE: Listen to Morning Brew Daily Here: Watch Morning Brew Daily Here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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