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Self-Driving Cars Hit Roadblocks & Are Streaming Bundles the New Cable?

Episode 323: Neal and Toby discuss Biden’s aggressive tariff hikes on Chinese EVs, chips, and minerals that could impact industries across the country. Next, Comcast is the latest to bundle streaming services together in an effort to capture more customers. Then, self-driving companies are under tense scrutiny after a string of crashes trigger multiple investigations. Also, Caitlin Clark makes her WNBA debut as some say she’s already made significant changes to women’s sports. Meanwhile, Copper becomes the hottest metal in the market due to its importance to AI and EVs. Lastly, Red Lobster continues its downward spiral with nearly 100 locations closing up shop. Will this mean no more Cheddar Bay Biscuits?  00:00 - Pop culture jeopardy 2:50 - Biden’s tariffs on Chinese EVs 7:20 - Comcast offers Netflix and Apple TV+ 10:30 - Self-driving under a microscope 13:30 - Caitlin Clark effect 17:40 - Copper is so hot right now 21:00 - Red Lobster not doing good Visit for more!  Get your Morning Brew Daily Mug HERE: Listen to Morning Brew Daily Here: Watch Morning Brew Daily Here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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