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Ep. 32: April Vokey of Anchored Outdoors

In this episode of The Silvercore Podcast, Travis speaks with BC born fishing legend April Vokey about hosting her own TV show, working with MeatEater, and her latest community project for hunters, anglers and foragers called Anchored Outdoors.  If you have a story that would be of value to the Silvercore audience, or know someone who does, email us at  We would love to hear from you! Topics discussed in this episode: Intro [00:00:00 - 00:03:05] How April turned her passion into a multimedia empire & community [00:03:05 - 00:05:53]Humble beginnings & growing a following [00:05:53 - 00:11:45]Women in the commercial guiding fishing industry [00:11:45 - 00:16:15]Insecurities, being headstrong & school of hard-knocks [00:16:15 - 00:21:21]Marketing the brand [00:21:21 - 00:25:21]The story of Martin, perseverance & dedication [00:25:21 - 00:30:37]Not being constrained by the business being built [00:30:37 - 00:35:37]Including family in the building of brand [00:35:37 - 00:36:47]How April jumped from guiding into being on TV [00:36:47 - 00:42:23]What April see’s as Anchored Outdoors Future [00:42:23 - 00:45:53]April’s advice to anyone looking to build their passion into a business [00:45:53 - 00:52:38]Outro [00:52:38 - 00:53:32]  Explore these ResourcesIn this episode, we mentioned the following resources which may be beneficial to you: Silvercore [00:00:10] [00:00:21] [00:00:24] [00:00:31] [00:01:14] [00:32:01] [00:52:43]Anchored Outdoors [00:00:45] [00:03:47] [00:33:32] [00:33:57] [00:40:53]  [00:41:07] [00:42:26] [00:42:34] [00:45:43]Flygal [00:00:46] [00:18:59] [00:19:00] [00:19:03]MeatEater [00:00:47] [00:02:15] [00:40:30] [00:40:31]Steve Harvey Show [00:02:05]60 Minutes with Bill Whitaker [00:02:06]Outdoor Life Network [00:02:10]Discovery Channel [00:02:11]Shorelines [00:02:13]Yeti [00:02:18]Patagonia [00:02:18]Pacific Northwest Fishing Course [00:02:54]Masterclasses [00:03:48] [00:41:03] [00:43:15] [00:04:12] [00:04:42]Tony Hawk [00:04:24]Josh Niland [00:04:51]Steve Rajeff [00:05:00]Bob Clay [00:05:07]Adrienne Comeau [00:12:18]Bear Grylls [00:34:41] [00:34:43] [00:34:49] [00:34:55]VP Media House [00:38:25]Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill [00:50:32]   Follow us:PodcastYouTubeNewsletterInstagramFacebookFollow our HostInstagram: @ Bader.Trav Learn More about SilvercoreSilvercore ClubOnline Training Other Training & Services MerchandiseCORE Training Management Resources (TMR) Blog Page

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