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Ep. 24: Emergency Preparedness and Becoming a Prepper

In this episode of The Silvercore Podcast, Travis Bader speaks with Ian Jones from The Canadian Prepper Podcast Podcast and discusses how he got into prepping and what he would recommend to others to have in order to be prepared for any eventualities. If you have a story that would be of value to the Silvercore audience, or know someone who does, email us at  We would love to hear from you! Topics discussed in this episode: Into [00:00:00 - 00:02:09] The Canadian Prepper Podcast. [00:02:09 - 00:02:34] How Ian got into the prepping world [00:02:34 - 00:08:00]Zombie apocalypse [00:08:00 - 00:08:43]Doomsday prepper stereotypes, the realities of preppers & ghosting [00:08:43 - 00:11:29]Best preparation is knowledge and training [00:11:29 - 00:13:15]Approach from people to preppers since COVID-19 [00:13:15 - 00:14:34]Being a prepper and not advertising that you are a prepper, but getting the word out former people to get on the plan [00:14:34 - 00:15:20]Stigma attached to being a prepper & hobbies [00:15:20 - 00:16:33]Where should people start off & security systems [00:16:33 - 00:18:59]Access to water & the Rule of 3‘s [00:18:59 - 00:21:07]Reasonable preparations during emergencies [00:21:07 - 00:23:09]What Ian spends his time learning and education himself on & different skillsets to have [00:23:09 - 00:25:17]What to keep in a vehicle [00:25:17 - 00:27:16]Bug-out bag or bug-in bag  [00:27:16 - 00:29:54]Background in Boy Scouts and being prepared [00:29:54 - 00:30:41]Camping & physical fitness [00:30:41 - 00:32:17]Distilled points for being better prepared [00:32:17 - 00:35:08]Physical fitness & mental fitness  [00:35:08 - 00:38:35]Taccom, Canadian Prepper Podcast & Canadian Patriot Podcast [00:38:35 - 00:40:20]Outro [00:40:20 -00:40:44] Explore these ResourcesIn this episode, we mentioned the following resources which may be beneficial to you: Silvercore [00:00:10] [00:00:21] [00:00:24] [00:00:31] [00:00:50] [00:01:28] [00:01:37] [00:01:53] Kylmit [00:00:56] [00:01:08]Bradley Smoker [00:01:24] [00:01:33] [00:01:41]The Canadian Prepper Podcast [00:02:04] [00:02:10] [00:39:24]Bill C68 [00:05:37]Krav Maga [00:07:00]Les Stroud [00:07:23]LARPing [00:07:31]Jack Spirko [00:09:12]The Survival Podcast [00:09:14]Slam Fire [00:15:33] [00:16:39]OPSEC [00:14:57]Rule of three’s [00:19:32]TCCC [00:24:17]CGN, Canadian Gun Nutz [00:25:37]Beavers, Cubs, Scouts [00:30:03]Air Cadets [00:30:08] [00:30:10]OFA [00:34:29]Taccom [00:38:46] [00:39:15]Canadian Patriot Podcast [00:39:55]Follow us:PodcastYouTubeNewsletterInstagramFacebookFollow our HostInstagram: @ Bader.Trav Learn More about SilvercoreSilvercore ClubOnline Training Other Training & Services MerchandiseCORE Training Management Resources (TMR) Blog PageJoin the ConversationWe love and encourage audience participation and feedback.   Be sure to join in the conversation by commenting, liking and subscribing.  If you know others who would enjoy our content, we sure would appreciate it if you considered sharing it with them.  This is the best way for our community will grow and improve.  Want to be a Guest / Speaker on The Silvercore Podcast, or have a suggestion for someone you feel we should speak with?Email us at with the following information and we’ll be sure to followup as soon as we can. Name,Area of expertiseCompany (if applicable)3 suggested topics you would be inserted in talking aboutWhy you want to be on the Silvercore Podcast, andContact details.

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