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Ep. 22: Ineffective Gun Control & the Canadian Gun Ban

In this episode of The Silvercore Podcast, Travis Bader sits down with Shane Mathieson of Reliable Gun in Vancouver BC. Listen in as they discuss how Reliable Gun got it’s start, the recent OIC firearms ban and how it’s affecting business as well as how COVID has impacted gun sales and more! If you have a story that would be of value to the Silvercore audience, or know someone who does, email us at  We would love to hear from you!Topics discussed in this episode:Introduction [00:00:00 - 00:01:25]Reliable Gun’s start [00:01:26 - 00:06:23]Pheasant Hunting [00:06:24 - 00:09:20]Reliable Gun & Tackle [00:09:21 - 00:11:54]COVID affects on business [00:11:55 - 00:14:02]OIC firearms ban [00:14:03 - 00:20:49]Picking apart the firearms ban legislation [00:20:49 - 00:23:31]Firearms ban affects & banding together [00:23:32 - 00:28:56]Ban of 12 gauge shotguns & politics [00:28:57 - 00:31:09]Shooters are normal people [00:31:09 - 00:34:04]Online consumerism vs. in person purchases [00:34:05 - 00:36:16]Prohibited rifle [00:36:17 - 00:37:35]Insights on the firearm ban & the stigma around firearms owners [00:37:35 - 00:46:58]Statistics & Firearms in the media [00:46:59 - 00:49:36]Interpretations, buyback & grandfathering of firearms banned [00:49:37 - 00:50:43]Hunting as an essential service [00:50:45 - 00:52:06]Raising awareness [00:52:06 - 00:54:27]Reliable Sales [00:54:27 - 00:55:35] Outro [00:55:36 - 00:56:03] Explore these ResourcesIn this episode, we mentioned the following resources which may be beneficial to you: Silvercore [00:00:00 - 00:01:06]Reliable Gun [00:01:09] [00:01:31] [00:01:47] [00:02:31] [00:03:28] [00:05:51] [00:05:56]  [00:06:32] [00:09:25] [00:17:35] [00:22:57] [00:23:32][00:54:28] [00:55:38]Poldi Bentley [00:02:03] [00:02:11] [00:02:20] [00:02:29]Taka Kuwata, team White Rice [00:05:43]Boy Scouts of Canada [00:06:07]ALS Society of BC [00:06:12]Big Bar Guest Ranch [00:06:45]Lee Enfield [00:09:37]M1 Garand [00:09:38]Section 117.15, criminal code [00:20:55] Walther OSP [00:21:39]Walther GSP [00:21:39]International shooting union (now ISSF) [00:22:01] [00:22:04][00:22:13] [00:22:40]3gun [00:22:09]DCRA, Dominion of Canada Rifle Association [00:22:22] CSSA [00:24:53] [00:25:07] [00:37:35]NFA [00:24:54] [00:25:05]CCFR [00:24:55] [00:25:04] [00:37:48]Marty Hayes [00:27:09]Firearms Academy of Seattle [00:27:10]Meat Eater, Steve Rinella [00:31:47]Accuracy International [00:36:19] [00:36:38]Follow us:PodcastYouTubeNewsletterInstagramFacebookFollow our HostInstagram: @ Bader.Trav Learn More about SilvercoreSilvercore ClubOnline Training Other Training & Services MerchandiseCORE Training Management Resources (TMR) Blog PageJoin the ConversationWe love and encourage audience participation and feedback.   Be sure to join in the conversation by commenting, liking and subscribing.  If you know others who would enjoy our content, we sure would appreciate it if you considered sharing it with them.  This is the best way for our community will grow and improve.  

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