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Rumor Has It

Juicy gossip has entertained us for centuries. But what happens when the rumor mill comes for you? Chapter 1: The Rumor Mill Laci traces the origins of the gossip industry and shares some of her own experiences with rumors online. Chapter 2: #SaveMarinaJoyce Mass hysteria broke out online after Marina Joyce posted a video with an unblinking stare and bruises on her arms. Laci recounts the bizarre story. Chapter 3: The Info Warp Laci is joined by Dr. Taylor Carlson to discuss the psychology of rumor and misinformation. They explore how a story gets changed from person to person. They discuss why we spread rumors, what type of person is prone to gossip, and why we tend to gravitate toward negative information. For more information about Indirect Message, visit Keep up with me on Twitter!

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