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Running a business while travelling the world. The reality of building a profitable lifestyle business with Domino Puttick of Evolve Fitness and Nutrition

In today's episode, I am joined by dietitian, personal trainer and founder of Evolve Fitness and Nutrition, Domino Puttick, to chat about the realities of building a profitable lifestyle business that allows her to travel the world. Dom embodies what having a lifestyle business is all about as she has been working online and exploring the world since mid-2020. Not only does she help her clients achieve their exercise and nutrition goals, but she also acts as an inspiration to other health professionals who want to create their own ideal lifestyle by design.   We chat about:   How a subscription model transformed her business model (13:13)How she built a business that allowed her to travel the world (17:00)The challenges associated with running a profitable lifestyle business (19:30)How she stays motivated to work whilst travelling to new places (22:20)Creating balance with work, life, exercise and health when on the road (25:35)The behind-the-scenes of building a subscription service (33:00)How to manage client engagement on a subscription model (37:32)The role that Instagram has played in the growth of her business (40:15) Follow @dom.thefitnessdietitian and @freedom.collective for more. Enrollments to Gramtini will be opening in October. Join the waitlist. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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