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The legalities of working with brands on social media as a health professional with Tegan Boorman of Social Law Co.

In today's episode, I am joined by lawyer Tegan Boorman to chat about the legalities of working with brands on social media as a health professional. Tegan is the Founder of Social Law Co., a law firm that provides legal services related to social media, collaborations, professional services, apps and online business. Tegan regularly advises PR and influencer marketing agencies, influencers and brands on their commercial agreements and legal compliance so there really is no better person to explore this topic with me. We chat about:   How influencer marketing is regulated in Australia? (10:28)The factors that health professionals need to take into consideration when working with brands and how these differ from other influencers (18:30)Whether health professionals can work with brands to promote therapeutic goods (19:00)What makes a product a therapeutic good (21:45)The potential consequences if you are found to be breaking legal requirements around the advertising of therapeutic goods (27:23)Big legal no-no’s when working with brands on social media (30:30)Disclosure requirements regarding free and paid campaigns (31:50)Legalities vs ethics. Is there a difference in the context of working with a brand? (34:45)Who is responsible for monitoring misleading and harmful comments on paid content - the brand or the health professional (37:49)Whether you can terminate a contract if you are being asked to do something by a brand that would breach legal compliance and regulations (39:20)Tegans top advice for health professionals working with brands (43:45) Follow @sociallawco and The Social Law Co. Podcast for more. Enrollments to Gramtini will be opening in October. Join the waitlist. Check out these other free episodes: Ep 36: How I landed a $14K brand collaborationEp 55: How to secure your first (or next) brand collaborationEp 56: Media kits. What are they? Who needs one? And what to include in yours. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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