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Leading change in healthcare through the power of social media with Jessie Ginsburg and Chris Wenger (aka Speech Dude)

In today's episode, I am joined by Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) Jessie Ginsberg and Chris Wenger (aka 'Speech Dude') to talk about leading change in healthcare using the power of social media. Jessie is a sensory integration trained SLP, the CEO of Pediatric Therapy Playhouse and the founder of Global Inside Out Sensory Certificate Programs. Chris is an enthusiastic school-based SLP, an internationally acclaimed presenter and the creator of the Dynamic Assessment of Social and Emotional Learning. Both Jessie and Chris are prominent thought leaders in the field of speech pathology and are well known for the work they do to educate and inspire a new way of thinking to better support autistic children in practice. We chat about:   Jessie and Chris’ experiences working with traditional speech therapy methods? (11:00)The moment Jessie and Chris realised there was a need to ‘think differently’ and explore alternate therapy strategies to better support autistic children in practice (13:45)Why they decided to become educators in this space (18:21)What Jessie and Chris are doing to inspire change (21:50)The impact of their work (25:20)The challenges associated with influencing change in traditional practice and how to deal with these (26:45)Managing pushback and criticism from other health practitioners online (34:20)The role of social media in supporting their work and mission (38:35)Jessie and Chris’s advice for other health professionals who are trying to influence change in their respective industries (42:00) Connect with Jessie @sensory.slp and Chris @speechdude on Instagram. Enrollments to Gramtini will be opening in October. Join the waitlist. TAKE THE QUIZ to discover the key ingredients for shaking up a marketing plan that will help you to grow a profitable and sustainable business. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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