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How to get started with Meta ads with Jarrah Brailey, Digital Strategist and Creative Director of SBJ Studios

In today's episode, I am joined by Digital Strategist and Creative Director of SBJ Studios, Jarrah Brailey, to talk about how to get started with Meta (formerly Facebook) ads. Over the past four years, Jarrah has built a successful social media marketing agency where she and her team have worked with hundreds of brands to help them achieve amazing results through the power of strategic social media marketing and paid advertising.  We chat about: The importance of humanising digital marketing (8:40)The difference between paid and organic content marketing (11:35)The benefits of paid advertising for businesses (13:40)When businesses should consider adding paid advertising to their digital marketing strategy (16:35)How those who know nothing about Meta ads can get started (21:03)The non-negotiables that are needed to run effective Meta ads (23:45)The secret ingredients for running successful ad campaigns (25:00)Minimum daily ad spend. How much ad budget is needed to see results? (27:20)The IOS update and how it has impacted paid advertising (28:45)The metrics to consider when assessing the effectiveness of Meta ad campaigns (30:55)Can you run Meta ads intermittently, or do they need to be running all the time? (34:30)Jarrah's best piece of advice for those wanting to get started with Meta ads (36:30) Check out SBJ Studio’s Meta Ads Training Service here. TAKE THE QUIZ to discover the key ingredients for shaking up a marketing plan that will help you to grow a profitable and sustainable business. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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