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How to legally protect your online business with Riz McDonald, Lawyer and Founder of Foundd Legal

In today's episode, I am joined by lawyer, eCommerce entrepreneur and Founder of Foundd Legal, Riz McDonald, to talk about how you can legally protect your business online. As a business owner herself, Riz brings first-hand experience, insight and legal know-how to all of the tricky processes and challenges that you can face when running a business. We chat about... How business owners can get started with legally protecting their online businesses (7:35)  Why the old ‘copy and paste’ of website terms and conditions should be avoided (12:00)The additional factors that health professionals need to consider in order to legally protect their online businesses (13:25)The biggest legal risks for online business owners (16:20)The difference between trademarking and copyrighting (20:05)How to protect your Intellectual Property (30:00)What to do if you discover someone has stolen your Intellectual Property (34:45)The difference between copying and being ‘inspired by’ someone else’s work (39:10)How Foundd Legal’s legal templates can provide your business with affordable legal protection (43:00)When a business should consider custom legal services (46:42)Riz’s best advice for helping businesses get legally legit (48:00)Riz’s free Business Startup Checklist (52:00) Shop Foundd Legal’s legal templates here and save 15% by using the code ‘RACHELHAWKINS’ at checkout. Join the waitlist for my new course at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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