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Scaling your business through an online subscription model with Chloe De Winter

In today's episode, I am joined by I am joined by physiotherapist, master Pilates instructor and the founder of the online Pilates platform Go Chlo Pilates, Chloe de Winter, to chat about scaling your business through an online subscription model. Chloe is passionate about bringing safe, effective and fun workouts to people in an easy and accessible way and that is exactly why she created Go Chlo Pilates. We chat about: Chloe’s early career as a physiotherapist and how she fell into running her own business (6:24)The creation of Go Chlo Pilates - from a ‘pay what you can afford’ service to a profitable online subscription platform (10:00)Chloe’s experience transitioning to online work (13:24)The tech that Chloe used to build Go Chlo Pilates (20:30) The advantages of having a professional qualification in business (34:30)What channels are most effective at marketing her business (34:15)The benefits and challenges of having a subscription-based platform (37:35)What Chloe finds most rewarding about her business (42:20)Advice for those with aspirations to launch a subscription-based platform (45:40) Take my quiz to discover the key ingredients for shaking up a marketing plan that will help you to grow a profitable and sustainable business, in your own way, at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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