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Shifting your mindset to find confidence on Instagram with physiotherapist and pilates instructor Stephanie Tallos

In today's episode, I am joined by physiotherapist, pilates instructor, and Gramtini alumni Stephanie Tallos. Steph uses her platform, Stephanie’s Sunday, to provide reliable health information and inspire women of all ages to move their bodies. In this chat, we discuss Steph's non-linear career journey, what opportunities exist for physiotherapists in the online space, and how she shifted her mindset to find confidence on Instagram through Gramtini. We cover: Steph’s non-linear career journey (7:25)How burnout nearly resulted in Steph leaving physiotherapy (16:25)The opportunities that exist for physiotherapists in the online space (17:45)The importance of having a niche to strengthen your brand offer, particularly online (23:27)Steph’s experience in Gramtini as a regular Instagram user prior to enrolling (27:29)How Gramtini helped Steph to develop more confidence in leveraging Instagram as a marketing tool (30:43) Why Steph decided to transition an existing Instagram page into her business page instead of starting a new one (31:19) The mindset shift that helped Steph make Instagram work for her (37:25)  The results that Steph has seen since finishing the course (39:30) The role that Steph sees Instagram playing in her business moving forward (41:45)Steph's advice for those considering joining Gramtini (51:25)  REGISTER NOW for my free masterclass 'Converting Clients into Followers. How to make money through Instagram even if your audience is teeny tiny'. Freebies Sky-rocket your engagement on Instagram by downloading my ebook '7 strategies to ignite your engagement on Instagram' Want to support the show? Hit '+' on Apple podcasts or 'follow' on Spotify Leave a rating and review in Apple Podcasts Share a screenshot of this episode with your friends on Instagram and tag me Craving more? Subscribe to my weekly newsletter Instagram @rachelhawkinsco Pinterest @rachelhawkinsco YouTube Rachel Hawkins Facebook @rachelhawkinsco Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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