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Non-traditional career paths for health professionals. Brand consulting, copyrighting, marketing and more with dietitian Millie Padula

In today's episode, I am joined by Millie Padula, a dietitian that has recently flipped her career on its head to pursue work exclusively in the online space. Millie is the founder of Dietitian Edition and makes a living by creating evidenced-based nutrition content, consulting with leading food brands, and working in the parameters of nutrition marketing. Among her work portfolio are some pretty incredible brand partnerships including her role as copywriter for Sarah’s Day’s Sunee App, and recent blog collaboration with fellow dietitian Ellie Bullen of Elsa’s Wholesome Life. We discuss: Why Millie decided to pursue work exclusively in the online space (12:50)How Millie approached her transition out of clinical work and into running Dietitian Edition (17:52) How Dietitian Edition has evolved over time (24:38)Millie’s role as the Marketing Coordinator at Koja and how her skill set as a dietitian enhances her role (27:40)What a normal workweek looks like in Millie's business. How does she split her time between jobs? (32:26) How Millie landed her role as copywriter with Sarah’s Day's Sunee App (34:32)How to secure brand collaborations (38:32) How to set rates for your services and approach negotiations with brands (44:22)The project management triangle. How this model can be used to help quote for your services (50:23) Securing consistent brand collaborations. Is it easy? (53:05)The role that Instagram plays in Millie’s business (55:55)Millie’s experience in Gramtini (57:25)What her biggest takeaway from the course was (59:00)The results that Millie has seen since finishing Gramitni (1:00:01)What Millie is most proud of in her career journey (1:01:20)Advice for health professionals considering getting started online (1:04:40) REGISTER FOR MY FREE MASTERCLASS 'Converting Clients into Followers. How to make money through Instagram even if your audience is teeny tiny'. Freebies Sky-rocket your engagement on Instagram by downloading my ebook '7 strategies to ignite your engagement on Instagram' Want to support the show? Hit '+' on Apple podcasts or 'follow' on Spotify Leave a rating and review in Apple Podcasts Share a screenshot of this episode with your friends on Instagram and tag me Craving more? Subscribe to my weekly newsletter Instagram @rachelhawkinsco Pinterest @rachelhawkinsco YouTube Rachel Hawkins Facebook @rachelhawkinsco Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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