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Why staying true to yourself is the best path to success in business with skin nurse and cosmetic injector Madilyn Wolens

In today’s episode, I chat to cosmetic injector, skin nurse, and founder of The Functional Skin Studio, Madilyn Wolens about how she has navigated the recent rapid growth of her business whilst staying true to her vision, and the values that underpin her brands. We cover... Madilyn's business journey as a registered nurse turned skin nurse and cosmetic injector.The growth and development of her two brands The Functional Nurse (personal brand), and The Functional Skin Studio (business brand).How Madilyn maintains professional integrity online in an industry where lines are constantly blurred.The role that social media has played in the rapid growth of her business.How Madilyn has scaled her business over the past year whilst maintaining the integrity of her brand.The inspiration behind the development of her skincare line, The Functional SkinMadilyn's biggest lessons in business and why she believes staying true to yourself is the best path to success. Wanna sky-rocket your engagement on Instagram? Download my free ebook '7 strategies to ignite your engagement on Instagram' at NakedChats is an independent podcast that thrives on the support of its listeners. If you'd like to support the show you can do so in a few ways... Hit 'subscribe' on Apple podcasts or 'follow' on SpotifyLeave a rating and reviewShare a screenshot with your friends on socials Craving more? You're only human! Website: Instagram: @rachelhawkinsco Facebook: @rachelhawkinsco Pinterest: @rachelhawkinsco YouTube: Rachel Hawkins See for privacy and opt-out information.

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