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From bud to bloom: How social media transformed a business with Embody Health London

In today’s episode, I chat to friends, dietitians, and founders of Embody Health London Cassie Barnard, and Ariana Rodriguez about the role social media has played in the rapid growth of their business over the past year. We cover... The story of how Embody Health London startedTheir decision to enter into a business as friendsHow niching down has benefited their business.The evolution of their service offering and why a group program has grown to be one of their most popular services.How they utilised TikTok and Instagram reels to accelerate their business growth. Wanna sky-rocket your engagement on Instagram? Download my free ebook '7 strategies to ignite your engagement on Instagram' at NakedChats is an independent podcast that thrives on the support of its listeners. If you'd like to support the show you can do so in a few ways... Hit 'subscribe' on Apple podcasts or 'follow' on SpotifyLeave a rating and reviewShare a screenshot with your friends on socials Craving more? You're only human! Website: Instagram: @rachelhawkinsco Facebook: @rachelhawkinsco Pinterest: @rachelhawkinsco YouTube: Rachel Hawkins See for privacy and opt-out information.

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