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Greg Mercer, Steve Chou, Mike Jackness, Scott Voelker, Liz Saunders



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Semi-Final Grower SCROG Nets with Christian Gravel

Christian Gravel has developed a product to help people grow good cannabis more easily in their homes. With the rise in the legalization of cannabis, this seems like it could be a viable niche option for a successful business. Christian’s flexible nets allow them to fit multiple tent sizes, and they also include hooks to attach to the various tent poles. These flexibility and hook options of these hooks allow for maximum reusability for multiple growth cycles. Website: https://www.growerscrognets.com Instagram @growerscrognets Facebook @growerscrognets **Sponsor - Zipify Pages** The first landing page builder unique designed for Ecommerce. Launch better campaigns more quickly and for more profit. Native integration with Facebook Google Analytics, and your inventory. Offers: 30 day free trial for anyone that uses the coupon code: ZIP5 Website: https://Zipify.com Instagram: @ZipifyExperts Facebook: @Zipify **5 Minute Pitch** 5 Minute Pitch is the competition that gives entrepreneurs from around the globe the opportunity to virtually pitch their business or product idea for the chance to win a grand prize of $50,000.00. This season, more than thirty entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas via Zoom conference call to our panel of five experts, for the chance to advance to the finals and pitch to the judges LIVE in Miami, FL. Our panel of expert judges includes: **Greg Mercer: eight figure Amazon Seller, and the founder and CEO of Jungle Scout **Michael Jackness, a serial entrepreneur who has spent the past few years building a high 7-figure eCommerce conglomerate while blogging & podcasting about all of it along the way at EcomCrew. ** Steve Chou: The son of 2 tiger parents, Steve Chou started (2) 7 figure businesses while working full time as an engineering director. He now runs Bumblebee Linens and MyWifeQuitHerJob.com **Scott Voelker: 7 Figure Business Owner and Host of The Amazing Seller podcast a top rated business podcast that has helped thousands worldwide start and grow their own eCommerce businesses.

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