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4 Mistakes People Are Making When Doing “Customer Research”

Putting a poll up on the gram' asking your audience what they want, is not a customer research strategy. If you're readin' this podcast overview right now, chances are you KNOW how important it is to do customer research and understand what your audience truly wants. But you're stuck on what to ask and how to run it. In this episode, I highlight some of the biggest mistakes people are making when it comes to running customer research activities, what you need to focus on instead, and how we use the data we collate from customer research to literally write up our copy. Want to get our testimonial and go-to customer research survey template? (2 x templates usually reserved for our Wordfetti Your Words students) Get it here for a limited time for $14: For more BTS follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti

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