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Visibility Series | 3 Ways Understanding Psychology Helps You Stand Out (And Convert More)

Y'all know I always harp on about the importance of knowing the psychology of your audience. And whilst it's sneaky and fun to get inside someone's brain, in this episode I thought I'd share with you 3 unexpected ways that understanding psychology? Can help you stand out and create a dent in your industry and convert more. WOO HOO the day is finally here!!! *Doors to Wordfetti Your Words, our signature copywriting 12-week copywriting program teaching you how to win hearts, become the go-to and make more sales with your copy is now officially open for enrolment! Check it out here: We close 11:59pm 31st of May 2022, and will not be reopening until end of 2022!* For more BTS follow @anitasiek and @wordfetti

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