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Want to Boost Your Engagement on Instagram? Click play! (Special Captionfetti BTS)

In this episode, I give you a peek BTS of our latest monthly QA teaching sesh inside Captionfetti, our go-to caption community. In this 25-minute bite-sized teaching sesh, I throw down 3 ways you can BOOST UP your engagement on Instagram, how to let your customers know that there are "delivery delays" on Instagram - and how to do it in a way that is gracious yet transparent, when to repurpose posts (word for word, even the same picture), when to not repurpose and how to share about your "team" or your "experience" when you're a solopreneur/freelancer, don't have years of experience, haven't posted in a while, or you are yet to hire, team-wise. Doors to Captionfetti are currently open now for a limited time until 11:59 pm AEST 8th of April, want in? Join here:

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