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Ep 155: For the caregivers (our brother’s recent paralysis from an accident)

If you love someone who’s walked through illness + injury, this “pour a cup” or “let’s go on a walk” chat is for you. My 26-year-old brother-in-law (outdoorsy, active, military veteran) was in an accident 2.5 weeks ago, fracturing his C5 vertebrae and paralyzing him from the neck down. He’s been given a 1-2% chance of getting out of a wheelchair, and our family is rocked, devastated, fighting, believing, and learning a whole new world.   When I shared the news on Instagram Monday comments and DMs were flooded by the caregivers. I saw a whole demographic that had been there all along, you just hadn’t had a reason to share your story with me.   Today’s episode is for you. Or for your friends who may not understand what you went through or are going through, because it takes this long to explain it, and these aren’t even any of the personal details, just 8 of the different emotions and experiences I’ve found myself or my family in over the last couple weeks.   I’m sharing from what I call the First-and-a-half Circle of Grief. The wife of the brother. Close enough to watch the trauma unfold, but aware how far my experience is from that of his parents and siblings who’ve known him every day of his life. Today’s conversation is for those who may not have quite heard themselves in the stories from the center on other podcasts about trauma and recovery.    May you feel seen. Love, Hilary Links in this episode:   Ep 59: Permission to heal + Third Circle Grief Ep 149: How to live well, instead of fearing death (reflections on t’Witch, Dave Hollis) (Fourth Circle Grief) Recovery Fund for Aaron Meal Train Sign-up for Aaron’s Caregivers Elegant Excellence Community via our Journal shop   Would love to hear your thoughts after today’s episode on Instagram @HilaryRushford    

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