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Chapter 6.12 - “He’s Calling on You, He Needs Your Help” (The January 6th Report)

Alex Jones dedicated much of the December 20th episode of his InfoWars show to President Trump’s “be wild” tweet, telling his listeners that nothing less than the fate of the American Republic was at stake. Jones’s broadcast led to an influx of funds for the January 6th event. Julie Fancelli had recently become a donor to Jones’s InfoWars site and decided she wanted to back the cause after listening to Jones’s December 20th show. Share the ordered list of released chapters on YouTube: These episodes are created based on the value-for-value model - if you find value in the effort to provide an open and available reading of this document, please support the podcast at Full chapters are available, upon completion, at If you'd like to provide an anonymous donation, you can go to Follow the show on Twitter @GovUnfiltered or on Facebook at

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