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V. Prosecution and Declination Decisions (Mueller Report)

As part of the final section of Volume 1, pages 174-199, this section explains the Special Council's decisions on whether to exercise its prosecutorial authority with regard to the evidence it found through the investigation. Prosecution and Declination Decisions (0:24) A. Russian "Active Measures" Social Media Campaign (2:01) B. Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations (4:50 ) Section 1030 Computer-Intrusion Conspiracy (4:56) Background (5:01) Charging Decision As to [Redacted - Harm to Ongoing Matter] (6:51) Potential Section 1030 Violation By [Redacted - Personal Privacy] (7:02) C. Russian Government Outreach and Contacts (7:58) Potential Coordination: Conspiracy and Collusion (9:52) Potential Coordination: Foreign Agent Statutes (FARA and 18 U.S.C. § 951) (12:38) Governing Law (12:59) Application (15:43) Campaign Finance (17:53) Overview Of Governing Law (18:32) Application to June 9 Trump Tower Meeting (21:12) Thing-of-Value Element (24:19) Willfulness (27:19) Difficulties in Valuing Promised Information (29:28) Application to [Redacted - Harm to Ongoing Matter] (31:01) Questions Over Whether [Redacted - Harm to Ongoing Matter] (31:12) Willfulness (31:22) Constitutional Considerations (31:43) Analysis as to [Redacted - Harm to Ongoing Matter] (31:55) False Statements and Obstruction of the Investigation (32:09) Overview Of Governing Law (32:31) Application to Certain Individuals (35:06) George Papadopoulos (35:09) [Redacted - Personal Privacy] (40:08) Michael Flynn (40:17) Michael Cohen (43:25) [Redacted - Harm to Ongoing Matter] (47:02) Jeff Sessions (47:11) Others Interviewed During the Investigation (50:34) Mueller Report Audio - Presented by Timberlane Media  Support via PayPal: Donate with Crypto Music by Lee Rosevere

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