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Episode 52 | Geek Talks with Seth

This week, hear from storyteller Seth Singleton host of ‘Storytelling with Seth’ ‘Stories from the Pitch’ on Elevation5280 ‘The Spinner Rack’ on DC Comics News Network Writer of ‘Greedy Greg’ on Hapsie and writer of ‘This is a Language of Fists’ available on Amazon As you can tell, Seth is a busy, passionate person. He tells us where it all started from him, where his love of podcasting and writing came from and where his love of geek culture fits in. Growing up in an environment that wasn’t welcoming of his passions, how did he navigate a difficult balancing act of hobbies and expectations. Seth musings can also be found on Instagram and Twitter You can contact the show at and Absorb more wonderful content at Listen to an extended, ad-free version of this podcast on the Fantastic Universes Patreon.

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