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Fall 2021 Lerner Publishing Group Novels Preview

Editorial director Amy Fitzgerald book talks new middle grade and YA novels from Carolrhoda Books and Carolrhoda Lab. For the science fiction fans, Eighth Grade vs. the Machines picks right up where Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy leaves off, with Jack and his friends now having to save their trusty public school spaceship from a robot civil war—all while keeping up with their homework. A contemporary middle grade novel, Eddie Whatever follows thirteen-year-old Eddie as he begins a community service project at a nursery home, and has his expectations of the residents turned upside down as he learns about their past lives, their current intrigues, and even a dramatic courtship. Fully of whimsy and intrigue, this is ultimately a touching and humorous story of intergenerational bonds. AfterMath introduces readers to seventh-grader Lucy, who’s struggling with the recent loss of her brother to a congenital heart defect, and who’s also the new kid at school. Her classmates are dealing with the effects of a school shooting four years ago. As Lucy finds comfort in math and mime, this sensitive, poignant book explores all kinds of grief and healing. Teen and young adult readers can follow the story of Millie Vargas, a high school senior trying to figure out her next steps. Now a citizen, Millie was brought to the US by her parents as a baby, and when her family is unexpectedly held up as “deserving immigrants” by a Senator on the campaign trail, Millie must decide what she wants to stand for. In Just Ash, intersex teen Ashley “Ash” Bishop has always known who he is – but when he gets his period in front of the whole boys’ soccer team, other people, including his parents, start to question him. A rare book about an intersex character, written by an intersex author, this story explores identity, acceptance, and empowerment. Learn more about these and other forthcoming Fall 2021 titles at Music credits "Farm" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 

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