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#124: (Re-Air) SaaS Podcast Guesting: Cold email automation + 4 step sequence = 130+ podcast guest appearances in 5 mos. (Jeroen Corthout)

Jeroun Corthout is the Co-Founder of Sales Flare. Salesflare is a simply powerful CRM that automates your data to build better relationships and make more sales. It's a fast, visual and easy-to-use sales machine. Built on happiness with the latest tech, by humans for humans. Salesflare is the most popular CRM ever on both Product Hunt and AppSumo. It also got featured on TechCrunch and Entrepreneur.com. If you’ve been paying attention to what’s happening in online media, you know that podcasts are exploding right now. But, if you’ve only been listening to podcasts and not using them as a marketing tool. You’re missing out. I’m not talking about starting your own podcast. I’m talking about a faster way of taking advantage of this rapidly growing medium. I’m talking about getting featured on popular podcasts in your market. Doing this will allow you to leverage the audience’s of respected players in your market and get in front of thousands of your ideal customers - for free. Today I’m going to talk to the CEO of a successful SaaS company who’s used cold email automation to get himself booked on 130 podcasts in the span of 5 months. He’s used this process to gain awareness for his software, grow his influence, and gain new customers. After implementing this strategy, you’ll have a framework for getting yourself on podcasts too.

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