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#123: Real Estate Broker Cold Outreach: 3 Emails + Webinar = 60% Open Rate, 20% Reply Rate, and $100,000+ Revenue (Alex Ivanov)

In this episode we’ll take a look at how the Co-Founders of a lead generation agency developed a method for helping their client book meetings and start relationships with some of the biggest names in U.S. real estate. This clever approach turned into a method that their client continues to use to open doors to some of the largest brokerages in North America After reaching out to 500 people using a simple, 3 step automated process they landed 20 - 30 meetings, 5 demos, and closed 2 enterprise deals worth over six figures. This is a very in-depth episode and I know you’ll get a ton of value out of it. I’ll see you on the other side. Join the Facebook Group (B2B SaaS Cold Outreach Mastery): http://morgandwilliams.com/fbgroup

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