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#119: (Re-Air) Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation: 6 Step Sequence = 30% open rate, 2% reply rate, and 17% call pickup rate = 3 - 4 Meetings/wk (James Harper)

In this episode we talk to an agency owner in a very niche, specific market who’s dialed in a process for generating high quality leads using a multichannel approach. In fact, one of these channels is one that’s rarely talked about but it’s highly effective. I know you’ll enjoy this one. I’ll see you on the other side. James Harper is the Founder of Agency Flare a results driven outbound sales agency that has a narrow focus on B2B sales, cold prospecting and setting qualified appointments for their clients. Their goal is to allow you to have more meaningful conversations with your most ideal prospects. Join the Facebook Group (B2B SaaS Cold Outreach Mastery): http://morgandwilliams.com/fbgroup

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