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The Artful Todger (medical procedures and men behaving badly week) - That Was Genius Episode 131

We got confused! It's medical procedures week, but Sam jumped the gun and did a man behaving badly. Doh. Tom kicks us off with a look at the early 20th century obsession with grafting bits of animal (or criminal) testicle onto the knackers of well-to-do gentlemen and professional sportsmen to boost their performance. Meanwhile, Sam's been looking at Saci, the naughty, smelly, wish-granting, smelly, impish, smelly Brazilian folk legend. Next week's episode is a patron exclusive all about Men Behaving Badly (again, for Sam)! Find it at Subscribe and listen to us! Apple Music // Podbean // Overcast // Stitcher // TuneIn // Spotify Welcome to That Was Genius: Two blokes. An immature sense of humour. And 10,000 years of human civilisation. A weekly podcast looking at the weirder side of history. Join Sam Datta-Paulin (he likes history and lives in Britain) and Tom Berry (he also likes history and used to live in New Zealand but is now in the UK as well), for a weekly reflection on the bold, the brilliant... And the downright strange. From bizarre events and stories to equally odd inventions, barely a day goes by without something incredible (or incredibly stupid) happening around the world. We upload new episodes every Wednesday night/Thursday morning (UK time). Check us out on Facebook (and our Facebook group for memes and fun), Instagram, Twitter and via our website, and please do subscribe to us and leave us a review if you like what you hear!

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