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162: From Concept to Creation: Launching a Successful Sustainable Fashion Brand

Ready to launch a sustainable fashion brand? This is your ultimate guide to go from idea to successful $20,000+ launch.   In this episode, Selina covers: ✅ The exact roadmap and steps to launch ✅ How to create products that sellout  ✅ How to design your products even without a fashion background ✅ Exclusive marketing and sales strategies  ✅ And so much more!    The Launch Your Brand Course is open for enrollment! Get Selina's proven strategies and support to start a sustainable fashion brand that makes $20,00+ upon launching:    Subscribe to Recloseted Radio so new episodes are automatically downloaded! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot, share it on your social media, and tag us @Recloseted! Lastly, help us spread slow fashion by leaving a positive rating and review. Together, let’s transform the fashion industry!

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